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Character Requirements One Should Have to Australian Citizenship

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Visa rejection or cancellation is the worst dream for anyone. It is quite frustrating and disappointing that you got your visa cancelled by the Australian immigration department. The decision can be based on various reasons. The most common among all is when you do not meet the character requirements. The Department of Home Affairs Australia has a list of details mandatory for all applicants so they can pass the character requirements for Australian citizenship or other visas. To ensure you will have Australian citizenship, every applicant must pass the character requirements. Here we will discuss the entire process and eligibility criteria for the same so that you can have Australian citizenship without delay.

What is A Good Character Test?

Candidates who are going to file for Australian citizenship must be at least 18 years old and should possess good character. One should pass a good character test which means he should endure the moral qualities of a person to define him as a good character. The Department of Home Affairs states that a candidate have good character is likely to understand and follow the Australian laws by signing the Australian Citizenship pledge. If the candidate visits any other country outside Australia, then have to submit the Department with the criminal clearance certificate. With some special conditions criminal record or age criteria, the candidate can face the denial of citizenship

Character Requirements of Australian Citizenship

The Australian citizenship policy says that if you are of good character and will respect and obey the Australian laws and other nations, then will have a good character. Take a close look at the requirements to have a good character test:

Must Pass The Financial Requirements- You need to declare truthfully about your financial status and it is required to pass the character requirements for Australian citizenship. So, be sure you declare each and everything.

Avoid Non-Violent Conduct- Be sure you have non-involvement in violent conduct, illegal sexual activities, drug usage, etc. Also, you are not supposed to do anything that can be dangerous as per Australian immigration.

Non-Social Associations- Do not try to be part of such associations who are violating Australian laws or antisocial or criminal activity. It is a must to pass the character requirements for Australian citizenship.

Be Obedient to Australian Immigration- Don’t take part in any illegal human movement or associate with people escaping immigration regulations. You need to adhere to the immigration laws to safeguard your Australian citizenship.

Don’t Indulge in War Crimes- To pass the character requirements for the Australian citizenship test, make sure you are not associated with any crime against humanity, genocide, or war crimes. Make sure there is no arrest warrant or deportation order against you.

No Terrorist Connection- You must not have any connection, association, or support to any terrorist organizations or acts of terrorism in Australia or abroad. If the department comes to know about any of the connections between you and the organizations then they will deny the Australian Citizenship immediately.

Character Verification- The applicant must be honest and not associated with any deceit or fraud while dealing with the Australian Immigration Department. Along with that, the candidate must not have any hidden or false information that might raise questions about the character in the future as well. In case of anything found in association then the Department has the right to cancel your application depending on the following given character requirements.

  • Do Have any proof to show having a fake marriage
  • Get done the criminal offenses even in the past
  • Indulges in Centrelink or Australian Taxation Office (ATO) fraud.
  • Giving misleading or half information can raise doubt about your character

Criminal Records- It is a must that you have never been involved in any criminal activities in the past if you want to pass the character requirements to seek Australian citizenship. Make sure you have declared everything to the department about the convictions for both international and domestic. Like if you have made a traffic violation or you get an on-the-spot speeding ticket, then it will not considered a conviction. But, have to seek an application for citizenship by conferral from Australia in case of any such situation. You will not receive the application of citizenship by conferral in case:

  • You were a prisoner in Australia
  • Broke Australian law and have any ongoing legal case against you for that
  • Have a 12-month prison sentence and was released from Australian prison less than two years ago.
  • Released from Australian prison less than 10 years ago after completing a lengthy sentence in prison.
  • Have been in a mental health facility about legal proceedings for breaking any Australian law.

If you have indulged in any such criminal activities in the past, then the Department will take it as strictness of the offense and will check the associated facts like how long have you been in prison, how much time has passed since you committed the crime and have you been in a rehabilitation center before applying for the Australian citizenship. All these factors can help them to decide whether your application will be considered for Australian citizenship or not.


Seeking an Australian visa and Citizenship is like a dream come true. You must be aware of the education qualification, work experience financial status, health insurance, language test, and many more requirements to be in Australia but a very low-key yet important one among all is fulfilling the character requirements. Above mentioned are the character requirements one should complete for Australian citizenship. Migration Doctors are leading migration agents and immigration lawyers in Australia. We help many people get their dream to live, stay, and work in Australia. For more information or personalized information feel free to give us a call today!

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