Australian citizenship and PR

Difference Between Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Understanding Australian Permanent Residency

Australia is a country that is the favourite of many students, skilled people, and visitors around the globe. The reason is obvious which is to offer better education, quality of life, and top-rated health facilities. Here low population density, the best scenic experiences, and unpolluted environment become the reason many people around the globe were and are planning to move to Australia. Many people confuse between Australian citizenship and permanent residency. Australian PR and citizenship are two different things and each one of them comes with its own set of privileges and responsibilities. Look at the below-mentioned points to make up your mind before applying for a visa.

Understanding Australian Permanent Residency

A person with a valid visa to stay in Australia for a specific period is considered a permanent resident of Australia. A candidate who holds the Australian PR can work, study in Australia, and travel from and to the country. They are also eligible to avail themselves of healthcare facilities. They can also sponsor the family members for permanent residency.

Responsibilities of the Permanent Residents

Being an Australian permanent resident, a candidate serves the list of responsibilities and they include:

  • One must inform the Department of Home Affairs when you want to change the residence.
  • You are required to renew some documents before visa expiry.
  • You are obliged to follow all Australian laws and regulations.
  • Being an Australian PR holder, you must pay Australian taxes.

Who is an Australian Citizen?

Australian citizenship states you belong to the Australian community legally. You have the right to vote in elections, work, and live in Australia for an indefinite time with an Australian passport. Also, you will receive consular support when travelling abroad.  

Responsibilities of Australian Citizens

Australian citizenship comes with a set of responsibilities and they include:

  • You are obliged to obey all Australian laws
  • You have to serve the jury call every time you are called
  • You have to defend the Australian at the need of hour
  • Being an Australian citizen, ensure you enrol yourself in federal and voter registration lists

Comparison Between Australian Citizenship and Permanent Residence

Each applicant is different and has a different journey, but when you want to make a difference between the residency and the citizenship then it ensures the pathway to your permanent stay in Australia. Given are some pros and cons of permanent residency and citizenship. Whether you want to secure your Australian PR or want to enjoy the privileges that come with Australian citizenship take a close look at the following points.

Points to Become an Australian Permanent Resident

The pathway to Australian PR is going with different visa programs and each of them has its requirements that need to be completed by the applicant. In General, the applicant has to gain 65 or plus points on the PR visa test to prove your eligibility for permanent residency in Australia. You will granted points on various factors based on your work experience, age, and English proficiency.

  • The age of the applicant must be under 45 years.
  • The IELTS score must be 5 or more to prove your proficiency in the English language.
  • For Australian PR you must submit your skill assessment certificate for the nominated occupation.
  • Provide police verification and health insurance
  • In Australia, PR holders must stay in the country for at least two years out of every five years. If you will not serve that or leave Australia for an extended period, then your PR status can be terminated.

Requirements to Become an Australian Citizenship

Before applying for Australian citizenship, a candidate should fulfil the mentioned requirements:

  • Complete the residency requirements
  • Apply for permanent residency for the predetermined period
  • Clear the citizenship test
  • Keep moral honesty

What is the Citizenship Test?

Before applying for Australian citizenship, you have to pass the citizenship test to prove your eligibility. This test will evaluate the candidates that how much he/she knows about Australian values, culture, history, and national symbols. The age of the candidate must be 18-60 and one with the disability to hear, speech or vision can’t participate in the test. The test will help to ensure your possibilities in Australia and ensure the Australian government you will fully participate in the community being a citizen. With this knowledge, a candidate can also prepare the social relationships and community integration.

What Are Travel Facilities for Australian PR Holders and Citizens?

One with an Australian PR holder gets the 5-year travelling visa facility and during that period, they can go to and from the country as often as they want. After completion of time, they need to renew the PR visa. On the other hand, Australian citizens can travel to different countries after getting valid visas based on the country they are travelling to, but they are not required to have a visa for re-entering Australia which is there for permanent residents.

Medical Benefits for Australian PR Holders and Citizenship Holders

Medicare offers complete coverage for Australian citizens, which means the individuals are not required to pay for the medical services or treatments under the Medicare covers. At the same time, they are eligible for free medical care at public hospitals and get medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

For Australian PR Holders, there are limited medical benefits. They can’t receive the same level of protection as Australian citizens. PR holders can avail the free medical and medicine services at public hospitals and once they reside in Australia for two years or more can prove their eligibility for Medicare eligibility criteria.

Dual Citizenship for Australian PR Holders and Citizens

Australian PR holders can hold dual citizenship, which means they can live as citizens of two countries and hold their PR status in Australia. Australian citizens must renounce their earlier citizenship if the country they belong to does not allow dual citizenship.


Australian PR holder and citizenship holder have their own set of advantages and restrictions. PR holders indeed have similar rights and benefits as citizens, but still, there are some differences in citizenship and permanent residence. It is true that being an Australian citizen one gets more benefits and is in a more secure place. If you are in search of a consultancy that will smoothen your pathway to be in Australia, then Migration Doctors are the right choice for you. We are a MARA-registered team of migration agents or immigration lawyers in Gold Coast who are just a call away and ready to assist with your migration requirements. For more information, you can give us a call today and our expert will get to you understand your requirements, and prepare a custom plan for you. 

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