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English Language Requirement For Partner Visa

The partner visa in Australia helps individuals reunite with their partner. It is a great option for partners to migrate to Australia. However, the application for this Visa requires compliance with certain rules and regulations. Another factor that plays a crucial role in the application for a partner visa is the English requirement for it, for which you can contact migration agents in Brisbane.

The English requirement refers to the applicant’s eligibility to display a minimum score in any of the approved English proficiency tests. They can also show evidence of completing 500 hours of free English language classes through AMEP. 

What Is a Partner Visa?

A partner visa which, also known as a spouse visa, permits the applicant to reside with their partner in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. The visa application requires the applicant to be the partner or de facto of an individual with Australian citizenship. Permanent residency. The partner visa is available in two forms: temporary and permanent visas. The different options for an Australia partner Visa are the following:

  • Partner Visa (Temporary): 820
  • Partner Via (Permanent): 801
  • Partner (Provisional) Visa: 309
  • Partner (Migrant) Visa: 100
  • Prospective Marriage Visa: 300

The first step for an Australian Partner Visa begins with an application for a temporary visa. Once the applicant has been granted a temporary visa, they can try applying for a permanent visa with the help of the migration agency Gold Coast. Before choosing your path, it is ideal for learning about the migration strategies for skilled professionals if you are a skilled worker aiming towards family migration to Australia

Why is Learning English Mandatory For Moving to Australia?

English is highly practised in Australia; therefore, it is essential to at least learn functional English in order to communicate and get admission to colleges and universities, get a job, or do any other work. 

New English Requirements For Partner Visa

New requirements have been announced by the government for the partner visa applicants as well as their sponsors in an effort to have them learn English for a smooth flow of communication. 

According to the government, only about 13 per cent of the residents residing in Australia have any English skills compared to the 62 per cent of the residents who are well-versed in English. 

The government has also stated that those with no English skills do not have adequate assistance to seek advice for the concern. 

To make the communication flow much easier and reliable, the new partner visa applicants, along with the permanent resident sponsors, would have to demonstrate that a reasonable effort to learn functional English has been made from their side. They can do this by taking 500 hours of English language classes.

The individuals need to meet the English requirement at the stage of permanent visa approval. This change is going to impact the applicants who have logged a file for 309 and 820. 

What Is Functional English?

Functional English refers to the level of English you would be required to have to move to Australia with the help of migration agents in Brisbane. Mentioned below are the tests approved by the government that you can use to demonstrate your knowledge of functional English:

  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System. The test requires a minimum score of 4.5. The score is based on four testing parameters, including speaking, reading, listening and writing. 
  • TOEFL iBT: Stands for an Internet-based test of English as a Foreign Language. The test requires a minimum score of 32, which is evaluated with four test components: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
  • PTE Academic: It refers to the Pearson Test Of English (PTE) Academic Test. This requires a minimum result of 30 with the same test components as the other, which are speaking, reading, writing and listening.
  • OET: Stands for Occupational English Test
  • Cambridge or CAE: Refers to Cambridge English Advanced (CAE). This requires a minimum score of 147, which is evaluated on the basis of speaking, reading, writing, and listening. 

These are some of the requirements that the applicant would have to meet in order to be eligible to get a partner visa. You can contact a migration agency Gold Coast, to learn about your different options and choose the one that fits you best.

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