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Enter Australia Without Travel Exemption

Exploring The Best Options: Entering Australia Sans Travel Exemption

Travelling to Australia is a dream for many people. They want to experience the natural beauty offered in this country. However, there are many hurdles that can ruin their chances of visiting this beautiful nation. Travel exemptions and Covid restrictions being one of them.

However, you can get rid of these exemptions to ensure the best travel experience.

In this blog, we will shed light on the things via which you won’t be needed to apply for any travel exemption and ensure the best experience for the travellers. The most trusted Migration Agents in Brisbane will help you choose the suitable visa for your travel purpose.

In February 2021, the Australian government announced a travel without exemption in the nation. Citizens of Australia, including those with permanent residency and eligible visa holders can travel in and out of Australia. Eligible visa holders who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to travel to Australia without any exemptions from 1st December 2021.

Vaccines Approved for Eligible Visa Holders

Here is a list of covid-19 vaccines that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association in the following:

  1. AstraZeneca Vaxzevria
  2. AstraZeneca Covishield
  3. Pfizer/Biontech Comirnaty
  4. Moderna Spikevax
  5. Sinovac Corona Vac
  6. Bharat Biotec Covaxin
  7. Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV( For 18-60 years old)

The most experienced Migration Agents in Brisbane expect that the TGA will recognise various other COVID-19 vaccines to travel to Australia. You can go to their website to know more about these approved vaccinations.

The time between administering the two doses of these vaccines are 14 days. Apart from that, it takes a minimum 7 days of your last dose to consider you to be fully immunised. You can get the second dose done if the vaccine you get is approved by TGA.

The authorities will not consider you fully vaccinated if you are not vaccinated with the doses that are mentioned above. According to the best migration agency Gold Coast, the dosing schedules and eligibility for vaccines can vary as per the country of your origin.


Travellers who have medical conditions that prevent them from getting vaccinated can provide their reasons for the same. They will be provided with the similar travel requirements as the ones who are fully vaccinated.

Children under the age of 12 can travel with the same arrangements as the ones who are fully immunised.

Apart from that, kids under the age of 12-17 who are either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated can travel with fully vaccinated guardians or parents. According to the most trusted migration agency Gold Coast, if a child is travelling with unvaccinated family, he or she may be subjected to managed quarantine and passenger limits.

You just need to get a passport for kids under the age of 12, as it will be used as evidence of their age. 


It is extremely important to know what you need to get away from travel exemptions while travelling to Australia. It will definitely help you travel in this country and make your whole travel experience awesome.You can consult the experts at the best migration agency Gold Coast, who will further help you make your travel and immigration smooth. They will guide you in the overall process and ensure the best outcomes.

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