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Expanded Options Of PR For 482 Visa Holders

It has been announced by the Department of Immigration that there will be some positive changes introduced to permanent residency for skilled workers who are Subclass 482 and 457 (TSS) visa holders. 

Paving the way to permanent residency, these changes aim to expand the scope of the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (ENS Subclass 186). The changes will have a positive influence on the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream under the Subclass 186 or regional RSMS 187 visas.

Permanent residency is a great solution for temporary workers who want to gain several benefits from the government while staying in Australia. Acquiring citizenship is another topic to discuss as it asks for characteristic requirements one should have for Australian Citizenship. Although citizenship is a much better solution, getting PR in Australia in itself is a great deal. 

Migration agents in Brisbane provide migration strategies for professionals to efficiently make their way to Australia. Migration requires a comprehensive understanding of the application process along with the criteria that the applicant needs to meet to be eligible to get the visa or even PR or citizenship. 

Key Changes To The 482 Visa Policies:

Expansion To Short Term Occupation Access

Visa holders of TSS and old 457 visas will now be eligible to acquire the TRT streams of Subclass 186 or 187 in spite of their existing visa stream. 

However, the applicant must be under the age of 45 unless they are able to get their hands on age exemption. The expansion brings out options for existing visa holders or new visa applicants on the short-term occupation list (STSO) and Regional Occupation List (ROL). It also includes individuals with an existing PR path to the Long Term Skill Shortage List (MTSSL). 

You can consult a migration agency Gold Coast, to have a clear understanding of changes to initiate the application process. 

Reduced Eligibility Period

The duration required for the approval of nomination in the TRT stream has been reduced from 3 years within a four-year period to 2 years within a three-year period. 

Elimination Of Occupation List Requirement

The changes removed the requirement for the nominated occupation list to be mentioned on the MLTSSL or the ROL. The reason behind his change is to ensure that if an occupation is removed from the list, no applicant would be affected by it. 

Employer Eligibility Extended

Employers can now nominate individuals in the TRT stream. These employers may be part of a work agreement and have sponsored a worker under the labour agreement. With the help of migration agents in Brisbane, you can simplify the application process and enjoy the benefits of the amendment. 

No Limit On Application For Subclass 482

The limit of the number of TSS visa applications that can be made in Australia under the short-term stream has been eliminated. 

The changes have expanded the options for skilled workers in Australia to acquire permanent residency. 

The changes made by the Department of Immigration are made to help skilled workers with temporary visa holders obtain permanent residency in Australia and enjoy several benefits provided by the government. 
The PR not only helps the workers to attain the lifestyle they desire, but it also helps to solve the labour problem of Australia, contributing well to its economy. Workers can consult a migration agency Gold Coast, to initiate the application process for the changes made and walk on the pathway to permanent residency.

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