Family Migration

Family Migration

Family Migration to Australia

Family migration is one of the pathways for individuals to migrate to Australia. It allows eligible family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to join their families in Australia. Family migration to Australia is possible through various visa categories, which enable family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents to join them in Australia. The Australian Government offers several visa options for family members, including partners, children, parents, and other eligible relatives.

Family Sponsored Visa Australia

The Value of Working with Registered Migration Agents

Working with a registered migration agents can provide several benefits when it comes to family migration to Australia. Registered migration agents are professionals who are authorized by the Australian Government to provide advice and assistance on visa and immigration matters. Here are some reasons why working with a registered migration agent is beneficial for family migration:
Expert Advice
Registered migration agents have extensive knowledge and experience in Australian immigration law and policies. They can provide expert advice on the visa options available, the eligibility requirements, and the application process
Application Preparation
A registered migration agent can assist in preparing and lodging the visa application. They can ensure that all the required documents are included, and the application meets the necessary standards to maximize the chances of success
Communication with Authorities
Registered migration agents can act as a liaison between the applicant and the Department of Home Affairs, ensuring that all communication is clear and concise
Compliance with the Law
Registered migration agents can ensure that the visa application meets all the necessary legal requirements and complies with Australian immigration laws and regulations
Ongoing Support
Registered migration agents can provide ongoing support throughout the visa application process, including addressing any questions or concerns that may arise

Different Types of Family Visas

There are different visa options available under family migration, depending on the relationship between the sponsor (the Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen) and the applicant (the family member seeking to migrate to Australia). The common family migration visa subclasses are
1. Partner visa (Subclass 309/100 or Subclass 820/801)
This visa is for spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. It allows the partner to live in Australia temporarily (Subclass 309/820) and then transition to permanent residency (Subclass 100/801) after a certain period. Visa (Subclass 309/100) is for partners who are living outside Australia at the time of application. The Subclass 309 visa is a temporary visa that allows partners to live in Australia for up to two years from the date of the visa grant. Subclass 820/801 visa is for partners who are living in Australia at the time of application. It is a temporary visa that allows partners to remain in Australia while their permanent Subclass 801 visa application is being processed.
2. Parent visa (various subclasses)
There are several subclasses of parent visas, such as Contributory Parent visa (Subclass 173/143 or Subclass 884/864) and Parent visa (Subclass 103), which allow parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to migrate to Australia. These visas have specific requirements, including higher processing fees and longer processing times. It is critical for a successful parent visa application to meet the eligibility standards and provide accurate and complete paperwork. To manage the complex requirements of parent visas in Australia.
3. Child visa (various subclasses)
These visas are for dependent children of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. There are different subclasses of child visas, including Subclass 101 (for children outside Australia), Subclass 802 (for children inside Australia), and Subclass 445 (for dependent children of temporary visa holders). Child visa applications require extensive documentation to show the child’s relationship with their sponsoring parent, as well as evidence of the child’s dependency. It should be noted that child visas have certain age restrictions as well as other criteria that must be met, and the process can vary based on the circumstances
4. Other family visas
There are other family visa options, such as Remaining Relative visa (Subclass 115/835) for individuals who have no near relatives outside Australia, Carer visa (Subclass 116/836) for individuals who can provide substantial care or assistance to an Australian relative with a long-term medical condition, and Aged Dependent Relative visa (Subclass 114/838) for individuals who are financially dependent on an Australian relative. A relative visa is a type of visa that allows a person to live and work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the type of visa. This type of visa is designed for people who have close family members in Australia, such as parents, children, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren. Aged Dependent Relative Visa allows elderly relatives of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to live in Australia permanently if they are financially dependent on a relative in Australia. A remaining Relative Visa allows people who have no close family members outside of Australia to live in Australia permanently if they have an eligible relative in Australia who is willing to sponsor them.

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Overall, working with an experienced and reputable immigration consultant will provide you with valuable guidance and support throughout the often-complex process of migrating to Australia and help to reduce the stress and complexity of the family migration process, increase the chances of success, and ensure compliance with Australian immigration laws and regulations.

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