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An Insight Into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program

From Dream to Reality: Your Journey Through Australia’s Skilled Migration


Some changes have been made to Australia’s Skilled Migration Program. They have happened in accordance with the enquiry and recommendation done by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration.

According to the enquiry, Covid-19 significantly impacted the country’s workforce. Despite the fact that 94% of people who lost their jobs have returned to work, there is still a significant level of skill shortage in Australia.

In this blog, we will shed light on the changes made by the committee on the program and its effects. We will also explore the reasons why these changes were made. The most trusted Migration Agents in Brisbane will help us understand these changes and help us enhance our job opportunities.

The Three Recommendations offered by The Commission

The committee has heard that job vacancies have been at the highest point in the last ten years since 2020. It has also realised the importance of skilled labour in Australia’s economic recovery. They believe that the country’s financial recovery can be severely affected without skilled labour, as a large chunk of skilled labourers left Australia during the pandemic period.

Keeping that in mind, here are the three conditions that have been recommended by the committee in the following:

  • Recommendation 3: According to the most knowledgeable Migration Agents in Brisbane, the Department of Home Affairs should be transparent on the areas where employer-sponsored visa applications are in the queue.
  • Recommendation 6: The Department of Home Affairs is also recommended by the committee to conduct an urgent review of the priority migration skilled occupation list in consultation with relevant people who hold significant stakes. It has to be done to expand the number of jobs and address the skill shortages keeping the COVID-19 pandemic recovery in mind. They should be looking at a wider spectrum of jobs to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Recommendation 8: The government is recommended by the committee to reserve places on flights and in quarantine for skilled migrants.
  • Recommendation 9: There have been two recommendations made by the committee in the following:
    a) The Department of Home Affairs should enhance the processing time of visas for employer-sponsored visas due to the labour market needs during the pandemic economic recovery.
    b) The DHA should expedite the processing times for skilled visa holders who have always remained onshore in relevant employment and seek a PR or skilled development visa.
  • Recommendation 10: According to the best migration agency Gold Coast, The committee has also recommended that all employer-sponsored visa holders be provided a clearer pathway for getting a PR.

Benefits of These Recommendations

If the people having the occupation in the list of recommendations are moved to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation list, they will receive a travel exemption to enter the nation while the borders are closed simultaneously.

For those who have visas in Australia, Recommendation 10 will surely provide you with a secure pathway to PR in the country. 


With many people understanding the need to move out and secure better opportunities, migration is offering various people the best options to satisfy their demands. Hence, these recommendations mentioned above by the best migration agency Gold Coast, will definitely help you secure employment in Australia and earn citizenship and livelihood without any problem.

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