Get PR through Aged Care Courses

How You Can Get PR through Aged Care Courses?

Getting Australian PR is what everyone wants to get. Every candidate who wants to seek Australian PR will be evaluated on different criteria. The main ones among them are English language proficiency, education, working experience, and age. There are many ways to be in Australia when you are a skilled migrant, get an employer sponsor, or invest in different industries. Other things make you want to be in Australia.

You can get an Australian permanent residency through aged care courses. They are highly in-demand professionals especially when pursuing these courses. It will help the candidates to live and work in the various industries for an extended period. Here we will discuss how sponsorship visas for aged care workers in Australia prove helpful for you.

Aged Care Industry in Australia

Aged Care and different professionals offer assistance for elderly people who are dependent on daily activities or unable to function properly. Such help is there for medical support, aged care homes, and private residences based on preferences.

The demand for aged care services has risen higher in the past time due to the aging population in Australia. That is the reason such professionals have now changed as an integral part of the Australian workforce and can help you get Australian PR for international applicants. Currently aged and disabled care workers are 18.5% of the social assistance and healthcare industry and the count will go higher in the coming years.

Employment Trends in the Aged Care Industry

As many people are looking for aged care currently it will increase to higher in the next 3-5 years. As per a report by the Australian Government employment Projection by November 2026, the country will ask for about 341, 800 workers which was 266,900 in November 2021. It is said that there will be around a 28% rise in job availability under the category in future years.

Candidates planning for full-time professionals have to work 43 hours a week on average and will get paid around $1206-$1744 weekly. For that, you have to check for the aged care courses for the visa requirements to have successful career and PR options.

Lack of Aged Care Professionals

Australia is facing a shortage of certified aged care professionals. That is the reason there is a high demand for aged care professionals today and is increasing with each passing day. This way choosing the apt courses can prove the pathway to Australia for International students.

After the COVID pandemic, this demand has increased to another level. The Minister of Skills reports said that by the end of 2028, there will be 100,000 shortage of care workers in the mental, disability, and aged care industry. It will reach 212,000 or more by the end of 2050. To fill the gaps there is availability of courses for the permanent residents in Australia.

Visa Requirements for The Aged Care Courses in Australia

One needs a Subclass 485 temporary graduate visa for the courses. A candidate requires for the visa as eligibility includes:

  • Ages 50 years or lesser
  • Needs to submit all supportive documents while applying
  • Australian student visa holder in the previous 6 months
  • Required to have CRICOS registered courses recently
  • Nominate only a single stream as you can’t change the visa stream after the application

The visa is an option for international students who have graduated recently with certain educational qualifications and skills required to fit in the Australian workforce. A candidate with a visa gets the work, live, and study in Australia even for a temporary period. It costs AU$1730 and allows you to stay, work, or study in Australia legally for 18 months.

    Get Course III Certification in Individual Support

    To start your professional career in the aged care Industry in Australia, every candidate should get Certification III in individual support. It is one of the easiest courses and must to completed by candidates seeking job opportunities in the aged care sector and looking for Australian PR. Once you choose the course, then have to decide on specialization in areas like community, home, aging, and disability. Presently it comes under free TAFE courses and some individuals can be able to study these courses for free. You can seek guidance from professionals like migration agents near you and they will help you get more about Certificate III in individual support and ask for your Australian PR.

    Gain Visa 491

    When you are seeking a Subclass 491 Visa, then have to be a qualified and skilled worker who wants to work or live in Australian regional areas. This visa allows you to stay in the country for 5 years and can travel to and from the nation until have a valid 491 Visa. An applicant also can live, work, or study in the special regions of Australia with this visa. Along with that, it gives you an additional 3 years from when the visa was granted and then you can be eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency. The cost of the visa is AU$4240.

    The candidate needs to score 65 or more points while applying for permanent residency in Australia to prove their eligibility to the Department of Home Affairs. The scorecard is divided into different sections:

    • Age– The score of the applicant is based on age. If the candidate’s age falls between 18-44 years, then the maximum number of points you can score is 30 which is there if you are between 25-32.
    • English Language Proficiency- Every applicant must at least score 7 Band for IELTS or 65 for PTE academics that fetch 10 points. If you score higher, then 20 more points will be added to the scorecard.
    • Work Experience- Your work experience will help you get 5-20 points based on the work experience you have. If you have work experience outside Australia then you can get 5-15 points based on the years of working.
    • Educational Qualifications- Having doctoral qualifications will help you get the highest points which are 20 and if you have another qualification degree then you will get 5-15 points.
    • Spouse Qualifications- If your spouse is an Australian PR visa applicant, then the spouse can get 5-10 points based on the different assessments of the spouse.
    • Additional Qualifications- The 5-15 points can be added if the applicant has additional qualifications like state sponsorships, relative or regional sponsorship, or any special educational qualifications.

    If the total points for an individual come over 65 then one can be eligible to acquire permanent residency in Australia.


    All these are the important points one should know when seeking Australian PR with Aged care Courses. Migration Doctors is one of the leading immigration lawyers in Gold Coast, Australia. We work with a team of professionals who help to assist you with the process. For more information feel free to give us a call today and we will help you with the custom solutions. 

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