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Get Post-Study Work Visa: Your Ticket to Global Opportunities

With the post-study work visa, overseas students can prove their eligibility to work in Australia after completing their master’s, doctoral, or bachelor’s degree in Australia. Here we will discuss some important points that will help to prove your eligibility after completing your studies in Australia.

Who is Eligible for The Post-Study Work Visa?

To check your eligibility for the post-study work permit, every international student must have:

  • Candidate with Bachelor’s or Bachelor’s honors degree
  • Candidates with Masters or extended Masters or Masters by research qualification
  • Doctoral or PhD degree

You may also have two-year studies received in Australia at the Bachelor’s level or above (including a Master’s or Ph.D.)

2. Having Eligible Qualification

When you want to be in Australia under a post-study work stream then there are some important things you should note down that you require a special type of degree. First, a student needs to complete his/her academic program which should not equal to Diploma qualifications otherwise you will not be eligible for the post-study work visa program. A candidate with a diploma can prove his/her eligibility for the visa under the graduate work stream. The post-study work visa is one of the two streams of the temporary graduate (Subclass 485) and another is the Graduate work stream. Also, the subject or study field is not only the eligibility criteria. For that, you need a bachelor’s, Ph., or Master’s in Computer Science, professional accounting, or mechanical engineering or prove/her eligibility to any other field and your degree need not make any difference. To prove your eligibility for the post-study work visa check that your course will meet the other requirements.

3. Study Duration in Australia

Another criterion is to check for the duration of the course. It is a must for every applicant to have their two years of academic degree in Australia to prove the eligibility for a post-study work visa. During this period, you can either get one degree or multiple degrees of Bachelor or above that is completed in at least two academic years. Ensure the degree you obtain is the eligible degree given by the Australian government under the post-study work stream

4. Important Things to Consider Regarding the Duration of Study in Australia

When there is a calculation going on for the two academic years of study then the Australian visa program will consider the standard duration. If you are taking it longer time for course completion, then it will be credited to the standard duration. The courses registered with the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students and completed by eligible universities or education providers are acceptable. Only these institutions can offer the considered degrees. You can check for the list of degrees with CRICOS before going for any specific plan.

5. Special Considerations

This is a special program introduced in March 2013 for international students and to prove your eligibility you should get your first student visa on or after November 5th, 2011. The age of the applicant need not be more than 50 years when applying for the visa and getting the studies in Australia that will offer you a valid visa to study Australia like a valid student visa. In the end, you need the study requirements mentioned above in the 6 months when making the application for the post-study work visa.

6. Grant Duration for the Work Permit in Australia

The work permit and its duration will be based on the type of degree you complete:

  • Bachelor’s Degree holder Graduation students are eligible for a 2-year work visa.
  • Research Degree holders Masters Students are eligible for a 3-year work visa.
  • Graduation students with a Master’s by coursework degree have eligibility for a 2-year work visa. Many international students can undertake this regular Master’s degree.
  • Graduation students with a Doctoral Degree or PhD the eligible for the 4 years of work visa.


These are some basic points that every international student should be concerned about when they are considering a post-study work visa in Australia. Seek professional guidance from experts like Migration Doctors Australia. Our team of expert migration agents in Brisbane will understand your requirements and help you get the desired results without hassle. For more information give us a call!

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