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How To Acquire Permanent Residency In Australia?

Australia is a country renowned for its enchanting natural wonders and beautiful infrastructure. However, that is not the only thing it’s known for, as Australia also offers high-standard education institutes for international students and great opportunities for skilled workers. 

These are some of the reasons individuals desire to stay in Australia with the help of migration agents in Brisbane, as they will be able to enhance their lifestyle and work efficiently on their future plans. If you desire to explore the benefits of choosing Australia as your new home, then read on to learn how to acquire PR in Australia by consulting the migration agency Gold Coast

There are a number of requirements that you would have to fill with the help of migration agents in Brisbane to acquire PR in Australia. The requirements are as follows: 

  • You must have a Point’s Grid of at least 65 points or above.
  • A good grasp of English and fluency will be required.
  • Your age must be below 45 to be eligible to apply.
  • You will be required to pass a test for skill assessment conducted by officials in Australia.
  • Your occupation must be listed on the demand list of Australia.
  • You must have good health and character requirements.

The following steps can help you get PR in Australia with the help of a migration agency Gold Coast:

Checking your eligibility is the first step you need to take to initiate the process of PR in Australia. You can check your suitable visa options by going to the Department Of Home Affairs and collecting information about the required documents, processing time, expenses and other essential details for the application. After checking the eligibility criteria, make sure to choose an option that fits your education, working skills, and experience. 

You can assess your skills through different assessment options that would allow you to check the standard of your skills. The assessment test can also work as evidence of the eligibility of the occupation for which they seek migration. 

This step involves the submission of an expression of interest under Australia’s skillselect system. Skillselect is an online system that evaluates skilled workers’ visas in Australia. The system works on a point system, which is determined by seven factors. These factors include skills, applicant’s age, work experience, language fluency, etc. It is essential to keep in mind that the points required to initiate the PR process are 65 points or above. 

Once you have finished all the required processes, the next step is to wait for the Department Of Home Affairs to send you an ITA. Whenever you receive your invitation to apply with the help of migration agents in Brisbane, make sure to submit all the required documents before a span of sixty days, as the offer will expire after that. 

The documents required for PR in Australia may be as follows:

  • Educational certificates.
  • Certificate for English language proficiency.
  • Bank statement for the last three months.
  • Hike or offer letter.
  • Income tax statement for the last three months.
  • Salary slip.
  • Passport with more than six months of validity.
  • Statement of fund proof.
  • Medical and police certificates.

PR for Australia can be applied with the help of a migration agency, Gold Coast, through:

  • Business or Investment PR Visa
  • Work Stream Permanent Residency Visa
  • Partner Provisional Visa Or Subclass 309 Visa
  • Family Stream Permanent Residency Visa
  • Australia Visa For Dependent Children

By following these steps, you can initiate the process of applying for PR in Australia with the help of migration agents in Brisbane. The DHA has also announced expanded PR options for 482 visa holders, opening new doors for them. It is essential to discuss with your agent the options available to you and choose the one that’s right for you in order to steer clear of unnecessary obstruction.

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