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New Policies By The Australian Government To Fix Broken Migration System

Due to different factors and abuse of the visa system, the Australian migration system is broken. The employers use the migration system to exploit migrant workers and abuse the system by using it to get cheap labour. They also do not focus on training and providing better opportunities to local and migrant workers. Thus, the government has decided to stop this misuse and fix Australia’s broker migration system. 

New Migration System

The government has come up with new changes to the migration system that will help fix and strengthen it. You can contact the best migration agents in Brisbane to learn how you can benefit from these new changes in the migration system and the new visa for in-demand skilled workers in Australia. The government reforms four policies and promotes the migration system to be used to achieve new objectives that will help improve the Australian migration system. These new objectives are: 

  • Increase the standard of living.
  • Build a fair workplace.
  • Strengthen international relationships.
  • Build strong communities.

Increase Standard Of Living

  1. The government will introduce a new ‘Skill in Demand Visa’ in place of Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa Subclass 482. This new visa will offer three pathways or three tiers.
    • Top Tier: Specialist Skills Pathway
    • Mid Tier: Core Skills Pathway
    • Low Tier: Essential Skill Pathway

Contact the best migration agents in Brisbane to learn how you can apply for this new visa and benefit your PR application. 

  1. The point system will be reformed to analyse the applications that are capable of migrating PR better. The PR points are calculated based on different factors such as age, English language proficiency test, work experience and more. A discussion paper will help review how the points should be allocated. This will help benefit the local Australian labour market. 

Build A Fair Workplace

In this, the main focus will be on visa compliance. The government will ensure visa compliance by:

  • The migrant workers will be able to easily shift their jobs to prevent exploitation and tackle problems such as unrealistic demands and underpayment. Contact the best migration agency on the Gold Coast to learn more about the changes in the new migration system. 
  • The criminal offence bill is under process, which will help charge the employers who exploit migrants and the migration system. 
  • The migrant workers can take six months to find a sponsor instead of 2 months, which was earlier in case they are being misused at the workplace. This will reduce the reliance of migrant workers on a single employer to support their PR application and ease your journey through Australia’s skilled migration.
  • Strict provisions and entry requirements for international students will be set to ensure they come to Australia to study and not to work. 
  • Prevent exploitation of student visas and working holiday visas by evaluating their terms. 

Strengthen International Relationships

The Australian government has decided to deepen its relationships with other countries and strengthen its international bonds. For this, they have also started a program through which eligible New Zealand citizens can get Australian citizenship. This will help them strengthen their relationship with neighbours. Contact the best migration agency Gold Coast to learn more about how you can benefit from these programs and unlock your pathway to Australia. 

Build Strong Communities

To build strong communities, the Australian government has decided to provide clear pathways to Australian PR for migrant workers. Through this, the migrant workers can understand whether they are eligible for PR and through which migration visa they can get Australian citizenship. It will help provide migrant workers with a better understanding of PR and will reduce the false hope given to them in the name of PR, as not all migrant visa programs offer PR. 


The Australian government has decided to improve and fix the broken migration system by introducing and reforming policies that will focus on building stronger communities, strengthening international relationships, ensuring a fair workplace, and increasing the standard of living in Australia. Contact the best migration agency in Gold Coast to help understand how you can benefit from this new migration system in 2024. 

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