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Pacific Visa A Pathways to Be in Australia for Annual Immigrants

The federal parliament of Australia has passed legislation to offer the Pacific engagement Visa. It will be a pathway for 3000 migrants from the Pacific so they can come, work, and settle in Australia permanently. After the declaration of the Coalition, the federal government has saved some of the spots to pass the legislation in the Senate. This declaration is not per the Government’s proposal for selecting the visa applicants with a random ballot.

Labour has made a deal with the Greens for support in Government exchange so that can take a close look at the contentious mechanism that usually rejects temporary visa applications for disabilities and have specific rates for Australian taxpayers. The visa legislation has gone through some minimal changes as per the laws and has made the path to come to Australia.

What makes the Pacific Visa Different from Other Visas?

A Pacific visa is one kind of Australian permanent resident visa. It will allow the people belonging to the Pacific islands and Timor Leste to be in Australia. Now, up to 3000 eligible candidates from the region can be able to live and work in Australia with the program. There is a random ballot selection process which is introduced by Australian migration authorities.

This category is similar to the United States Green Card Lottery. The program was introduced by the government so that Aussies could have a better connection with the Pacific and Timor-Leste. It will give support to better business, culture, and education exchanges. It will come to execution in the year 2024 because some of the details are yet to be finalized but some of the important points are explained below to give you a better understanding:

What Proves Your Eligibility?

The applicant must be between 18-45 years old to enter the ballot for seeking a Pacific visa. The visa applicant must be a valid passport holder or citizen of the country. There will be some countries involved including the federal states of Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Micronesia, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Palau, Republic of the Marshal Islands, Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu, this is a tentative list but is yet to get confirmation by the Australian government.

Some exclusions for the visa are pacific islanders who have citizenship in the United States, New Zealand, and France. The split of 3000 in the countries is still not determined yet.

What Is the Cost of a Pacific Visa?

The expected cost for the Pacific Visa will be $AUD 25 to enter the ballot and that will be run by the Department of Home Affairs. The applicants who are not successful with the application have a chance to reapply for the same by reregistering and paying the fees again in later years. Those who have successful application filing, then have to pay costs, and fees along with payment to get a permanent resident visa. The applicants will be able to work in the specific category they are trained in.

What Are the Chances for Applicant After Winning the Ballot?

Once you get selected with the ballot process, then have to apply for the permanent resident visa within the allotted time frame. You will grant the Australian PR after passing several checks.

  • Applicant must demonstrate the English Language Proficiency test.
  • Applicants must have high health and need to pass health checkups which are general medical examinations and tests for diseases like HIV. 
  • A character check will be done to ensure the applicant is of good character for the criminal background or any other involvement in illegal activities will get their visa rejected.  
  • The primary applicants are required to have a formal offer to work in Australia.
  • The government has plans to start a service for successful applicants to get better job opportunities and guides for the ballot winners with the permanent visa process.  

Is the Pacific Visa Different from PALM?

PALM (Pacific Labour Mobility Scheme) will remain untouched along with the Pacific Engagement Visa. There is a vital difference in that as PALM is a temporary labor Mobility scheme which is there for the skill shortage occurrence in Australia and on the other hand, the Pacific Engagement Visa is planned to get growth in the Country’s Pacific diaspora. The PALM is a temporary visa type, but the visa holders are eligible to apply for the Pacific Engagement Visa ballot. Applicants from the Pacific Island who are in Australia with valid temporary visas are also eligible for the Pacific engagement visa Ballot.

Can applicant Bring Family to Australia?

Yeah, you can. The applicants can get their spouse and legally dependent children to Australia on their ballot. The Pacific Engagement Visa will be a chance to get immediate families together in Australia. The Australian government has planned to suggest a range of benefits that support the cost of living of families and the education and training in Australia. 

Where Can the Visa Holder Live and Where Can Work?

The applicants are free to decide where to live in the Australian regions or the cities. It is different from the PALM scheme, where people need to work in specific locations and industries. With a Pacific visa, the applicants are free to decide the location or industry they want to work and live. The lottery scheme provides the same opportunities so every person will get equal access as per their skill set.

Will This Give a Pathway to Australia?

Having Australian permanent residency does not offer Australian citizenship automatically. Pacific engagement visa holders will be treated similarly to the permanent resident visa and they can later apply for their Australian citizenship once completed four years in Australia. Being a permanent resident in Australia, the Visa holder will be eligible to get benefits like Social Security and Medicare. One should serve the waiting period which is there for every newly arrived resident in Australia for payments and during that time be ready to support yourself financially.  


A Pacific visa is a great opportunity for people who want to live, work, and enjoy life with or without their family in Australia. Given is the information that can help you when you are planning to seek permanent residency in Australia with the visa category. For more information, you can ask our expert immigration lawyers, contact us!

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