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Pandemic Event Visa Is Finally Closing, What to Do Now?

Benefits of Moving to Australia

According to Australian government announcement, the Pandemic Event Visa (subclass 408) will become unactive for new applicants as of September 2, 2023. This visa was introduced by Department of Home Affairs Australia in 2020 during the pandemic which for Temporary visa Holders to be allowed to work in Australia. The motive after the visa was to overcome the shortage of labor in the country during a pandemic. Now, the borders are reopening and that is the reason the Government is planning to use this for the betterment of the broken immigration system.

The visa closure works to reestablish the proper workflow of temporary migrants into and out of Australia using various channels. An applicant or PEV holder who wants to continue work and stay in Australia has to meet the eligibility criteria to ensure they are staying legally with a subsequent visa. Look for the different available options as alternative visas to stay in Australia.

Reasons for Closing Pandemic Event Visa by the Australian Government

The Pandemic Event Visa (Subclass 408) was introduced in April 2020 by the Australian Government. This visa gives the option to temporary migrants and international students so they can be in Australia during pandemic travel restrictions. Now, as the borders are opened after the pandemic there is no more requirement for a Visa. With the closure of this visa, the holders must plan whether to leave the country or stay in Australia before the expiry of the existing visa.

How Pandemic Even Visa End?

The Australian Government has announced to close the PEV in a staged manner. So, you have to work in steps to close. After September 2, 2023, currently the candidate with Pandemic event Visas will be eligible to can apply for the visa with the fee of AUD 405. The new entries are not taken any more as are already closed after 1 February 2024.

Steps to Follow Once Closure of Pandemic Event Visa

If you have entered Australia with PEV, then have to take steps before the final closure of the visa. Given are some important steps one can take based on the personalized situation and circumstances:

Pandemic Event Visa Holders- A Pandemic Event Visa Holder is eligible to stay in the country for a specific period. If you have applied for the visa before 1 February 2024 then you have a chance to stay in the country for up to six months. If you apply before September 2023, then can stay in Australia for one year. The Pacific Labour Mobility (PALM) workers with the Pandemic event visa can make plans for their departure and get a replacement before the visa expires. The PALM program will serve its original goal to promote circular labor mobility after the completion of the Pandemic Event Visa. It is available for the applicants holding Pandemic Event Visas have left 28 days or less as of September 2, 2023, and seek additional visas. For submission of a new application, one requires a job offer in hand.

For Other Visas- If you are currently holding a Pandemic Event Visa or related visa like a temporary graduate, student, or visitor visa then you should search for the possibilities to stay in Australia if wish to stay longer.

Chances to Be in Australia Once Closure of Pandemic Event Visa

Government has already announced the closure of Pandemic event Visa, and so no candidate can apply for the same now. To continue staying and working in Australia after the completion of your visa, you have to go with the other visa options. Given are some of the possible options you can go with to match your possibilities and requirements.

• Employer-Sponsored Visa
• Employer Nominated Visa
• General Skilled Migration
• Regional employer-sponsored Visa

Employer-Sponsored Visa A sponsored Visa is considerably the best option you can go with once the Pandemic event visa closes for you. It is an ideal option for streaming-demand jobs for almost all sectors in Australia. With this visa, an applicant can stay in Australia and can continue to work with the same employer or can switch employers as well. For the same, you can apply for the Temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482). It will allow you to stay for two years based on the visa stream. You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and can get Permanent residency once you complete your stay of two years in the country.

Employer Nominated Visa– Employer nominated (Subclass 186) is a permanent visa. To understand that better, you need to know that it is divided into three different streams Temporary Residence Transition (TRT), Direct Entry, or Labor Agreement Stream. When you are planning to go with a direct entry stream, then must have at least three years of experience in your nominated occupation.

For the Temporary transition type, one must have at least 2 years of work experience, but to apply under the labor agreement, the applicant must have relevant qualifications, work experience, and pass the English Language Proficiency. Submit two different applications for the nomination and visa respectively when seeking employer employer-nominated visa.

General Skilled Migration Visa Another option for the PEV is a general skilled migration visa. It is a point-based migration plan where the applicant must score 65 points on the test to prove his qualification for visa streams. Al so, applicant must submit expression of interest (EOI) to the Department of home affairs. Get invitation from department to apply in the relevant category.
No application an apply for the similar visa when any of the requirement by the department is missing. So, make sure you are ready with all of them.

Regional Employer Sponsored Visa- If you are currently working in regional Australia under the Pandemic event Visa, then going choosing Regional Employer Sponsored Visa can help to extend your stay in Australia. A skilled employer-sponsored regional visa (Subclass 494) allows you to stay for three years in the country. After completion of the period, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence under skilled provincial permanent residence (subclass 191). This visa allows you to live, study, work, and stay in Australia for up to five years.


These are the important factors one should know about the Pandemic Event Visa. Given are possible alternatives that you can pick when your pandemic event visa is about to expire. Go through the points or can also seek professional help when felt stuck. Migration Doctors is the authorized company working with the team of MARA-registered migration agents in Australia. You can contact us when seeking professional guidance and authentic pieces of information. We know each case is unique so are its requirements. For more information and custom solutions, feel free to give us a call today!

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