Partner Visa Australia

Partner Visa Australia

Partner Visa Australia: Bringing Couples Together

Your Pathway to Love and Life in Australia

Migration Doctors Australia understands the challenges faced by couples living apart due to immigration restrictions. We specialize in providing comprehensive and personalized assistance for Partner Visa applications, helping you reunite with your loved one in Australia. With our expertise and knowledge of Australian immigration law, we make the process smoother, simpler, and more successful.

Partner visa also known as de facto visas, are usually granted to the partners and spouses of permanent Australian Citizens, residents or those who are eligible New Zealand Citizens living in Australia. Partner visas are of two types: temporary partner visa(subclass801) and permanent partner visa(subclass820). The temporary partner visa leads directly to permanent partner visa. There is a different subclass of visa if you apply for a partner visa offshore. There are two subclasses of offshore partner visa, subclass 309 and subclass 100. Current processing times for the temporary partner visas in 90% of applications is 9 months, but processing times for permanent partner visa in most of the cases is up to 15 months.

To be eligible you must fulfil these conditions

  • The de facto partner of the partner visa applicant who is already a resident of Australia must sponsor them.
  • To apply for partner visa, both the applicant and the sponsor must be older than 18 years.
  • The sponsorship of the applicant must be of minimum 2 years and not less than that.
  • The person who is sponsoring the applicant’s visa must be a legitimate Australian citizen, a permanent Australian resident, or be eligible to be a citizen of New Zealand.
  • When applying, the sponsor and the applicant must demonstrate that they have been together for at least a year.
  • There must be sufficient evidence of a relationship or marriage, and both parties must be committed to the union.
  • The couple must be able to pass the interview and provide the authorities with genuine proof of their relationship.

How It Works?

You must apply for a temporary or permanent visa, which you can do by filling out the form and submitting it to the appropriate organizations so it can be put through an evaluation. Temporary partner visa may be issued to you immediately if the assessment reveals that you do meet the requirement for this Australian visa. The visa is valid for a period until you receive a permanent visa, which is typically granted within couple of years after the application is submitted. The permanent partner visa is yours if, after two years, all the requirements are still satisfied.

Documents Required To Prove The Genuineness Of Relationship

The list of potential supporting documents for partner visa applications in Australia is given below. In addition to these documents, applicants must also submit copies of their health records, background checks, transcripts for their academic records and professional experience, and social cards.
  • Jointly owned properties or other assets
  • Joint liabilities, like mortgages
  • Joint contracts like lease
  • Joint bank account
  • Banking records
  • Receipt, bills, and invoice
  • Invitations and letters
  • Flight tickets and other documents proving that you shared vacations or travel photos
  • Social media communication with each other
  • Photos
  • Conversation logs on phone


Onshore partner visa (subclass 820 and 801) only those who are in a de facto, registered or a marriage – bound relationship with an Australian citizen, a permanent Australian resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen are eligible to apply for an onshore partner visa in Australia.

When a candidate is successful in getting an onshore temporary partner visa, they become eligible to perform following duties as an Australian Citizen:

  • Continue living independently in Australia until they receive their permanent partner visa.
  • Study in Australia
  • Enroll in the Medicare program in Australia.
  • Frequent departures and arrivals from Australia.

Once the applicant is successful in obtaining the onshore permanent visa, they are qualified for:

  • Stay in Australia on their own.
  • Work and study in Australia.
  • Eligible to receive social security benefits.
  • Can apply for citizenship if they are deemed qualified.
  • Can sponsor family members for Australian permanent residency.


NOTE: The processing time frame and visa application charges are subjectable to change.

Why Choose Migration Doctors Australia?

Migration Doctors Australia is your trusted partner throughout the Partner Visa application process. Here’s why couples choose us:

Experience: Our team of migration experts has years of experience in handling Partner Visa applications, ensuring accurate and efficient submission of your documentation.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every couple’s situation is unique. We provide personalized guidance and support, customizing our services to meet your specific needs.

Compliance: Australian immigration laws are complex and subject to frequent changes. We stay up to date with the latest regulations to ensure your application complies with all requirements.

Clear Communication: We prioritize open and transparent communication, keeping you informed at every stage of the process. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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