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Points to Check When Apply Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 114

Every Australian citizen or permanent resident will get a lot of benefits in Australia. When you want your parents or any other relative to be in Australia with you, then an aged-dependent relative visa can be the pathway to Australia. With the visa, you will be eligible to get relatives or parents over the age of 65 to join with the family members in Australia. It will offer them a sense of security and comfort in later life. To be in Australia there are a set of special requirements to prove your eligibility. Here we will discuss that in detail to make you understand better before applying. Read on to learn more!

Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114)

Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 114 is a permanent visa option that allows older people to be with family members in Australia. Every applicant needs to fulfil specific age requirements to prove their eligibility for migration to Australia. The applicant will get the chance when they prove they are dependent for financial support on an eligible relative in Australia. 

How to Prove Your Eligibility To Apply for Aged Dependent Visa Subclass 114?

A person with an aged dependent Visa subclass 114 makes them able to come to Australia and stay with their relatives in Australia. To prove eligibility check for the necessary criteria including:

  • The candidate should not be in Australia while applying for the visa.
  • Should have sponsorship by the eligible relative or the relative partner to get the visa

List of Benefits Any Aged Dependent Relative Visa Holder Receives

You are going to receive some special benefits with the visa that includes:

  • Can enjoy indefinite stay in Australia  
  • Get your Permanent Residency
  • Eligible to come and go from Australia for 5 years after visa will be granted
  • Once an applicant is eligible then can apply for Australian citizenship

What Proves You Eligible for An Aged Dependent Relative Visa?

Every applicant needs to fulfil the eligibility criteria when asking for an aged dependent relative visa. Once you are ready with that, the chances of getting visa rejections will be lesser, and get the visa granted. Check the detailed information about the important points explained below:

  • Get Sponsorship- Every applicant must have a sponsorship from their eligible relative or other family member that should be accepted by the Australian government. The person sponsoring you should be 18 years or older. The applicant must be an Australian resident or citizenship holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen. 
  • Must Meet Age Criteria- The applicant should meet the age criteria and that will make him able to be a pension holder. The sponsorship is there to support living expenses and required economic support for a comfortable stay in Australia. To get the aged pension under the Social Security Act 1991, the age of the applicant must be under the age range given by the Australian government. 
  • Dependant- The applicant must be economically dependent even for the daily expenses like clothing, and food on the Australian PR holder relative who is staying there for at least three years while applying for the visa. An applicant who is disabled or unable to work will be granted a visa.  
  • Have No Partner- You can qualify for the visa when you are getting that for yourself and have no partner filling for the same with the same application. You must neither be married nor not have any de facto relationship.  
  • Assurance of Support- An applicant requires assurance of support which means after you reach Australia, you will be dependent on the relative but not on the Australian government for assistance. 
  • Health Necessities- Every Australian citizen, PR holder, or dependent visa holder must meet the health requirements suggested by the Australian government for getting the Aged Dependant Relative Visa Subclass 114 granted.  
  • Character Specifications- To get the visa granted, the applicant must fulfil the Australian Government’s character standards. If required, they may also ask for the character requirement for the extended family members. 
  • Debt-free- The applicant or his family does not have any money or any debt to repay. In case, you owe any money to the Australian Government then you must pay that back before filling out the application.

What Prove Your Qualifications and Rejections of Visa?

One highly important point is that you must not have a previously refused or cancelled visa. 

  • The interest of the child- The applicant can get the visa refused if the best interest of the applicant is not 18 years. 
  • Signed Statement of Agreement- Applicant must sign the agreement statement according to the Australian working way and upholder Australian laws. 

Step By Step Guide to Apply for An Aged Dependent Relative Visa

Ensure you have a list of essential elements while applying Subclass 114 Visa. Avoiding a simple thing can be the reason for the denial or delay of a visa. To ensure everything is on track make sure you have:

  • Ready with Prep – Keep your valid passport ready as the base for the visa filling and approval.
  • Ready with Documents – Make sure you are ready with all essential documents including character and health requirements, sponsorship papers, identity proofs, and others. 
  • Ready While Applying – When you are applying for a visa then should not be in Australia.
  • While Applying – After the application is accepted ensure there are no more details or documents required to be submitted. 
  • Wait for Results – Once the application is accepted for Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 114, you will receive a letter mentioning the application is approved. Due to any reason when your application is rejected, then will get informed with the valid reason. Your application fees cannot be refunded if you get a visa denial. 

Opportunities When You Receive after Applying for an Aged Dependent Relative Visa

No specific or out-of-the-box process is there when filling Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 114. You will be granted with visa on a first come first serve basis. You may have a delay in visa approval in case:

  • There is an error in the form
  • For missing or misleading information, you need to submit the documents supporting the information
  • If the processing fees are not paid

The visa is in high demand visa because allows aged parents to stay with their relatives permanently.  


As the visa is high in demand your application must be error-free so that you will receive approval as quickly as possible. You can seek guidance from the experts so they will assist you if you get stuck anywhere in between. Migration Doctors Australia is one of the expert immigration lawyers in Gold Coast who can assist you with the right guidance and information. With our vast knowledge in the field and experience, our team can help you with each step that comes your way! 

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