Shifting From Tourist Visa to Student Visa Australia

Shifting From Tourist Visa to Student Visa Australia – A Complete Guide

Understanding Australian Permanent Residency

Are you one of those millions of people who came to Australia to explore its wonders, but liked this place so much that you want to stay here for longer? Australia is your go-to destination and that is the reason many people want to transform their imagination into reality and want to be part of a vibrant culture. Australia has the world’s best education systems and being an international student, you can get the growth in you. So, if you are in Australia with a tourist visa and changed your plan to get academic studies, then no worries you are one of many people seeking to transform their tourist visa into a student visa. The first question, most applicants ask is whether it is possible to switch from a tourist visa to a student visa. To make that task possible, we have managed a set of information that will help you convert your tourist visa to a student visa in Australia.

Why do You Want to Switch from a Tourist Visa to a Student Visa in Australia?

Australia is a top choice for immigrants who want to work, live, or study in Australia. Aussies are popular for their quality lifestyle and best-in-class educational institutions. When you opt for the student visa then it means you get access to top-rated educational programs, enjoy the vibrant culture, and get long-term career opportunities. Australian universities are very famous for ensuring students’ professional and personal development. If you want to get your studies in Australia after getting the tourist visa, then no issue you get a chance to opt for a course not lasting more than three months. If going for a longer-term course then have to change to the student visa. Not just this, changing the study visa from their tourist visa you will get a variety of benefits along with that.

Given some of the evidence, one must submit when changing to the student visa:

  • Evidence supporting the candidate can pay his tuition fees
  • Evidence of the two-way travel cost with those of their family members
  • Evidence to show financial stability to ensure you have funds to support one year of living expenses
  • An offshore candidate must carry proof to support the school expenses

Types of Visas can be Changed into Student Visas in Australia

Different visa types can be converted to student visas while travelling to Australia. To convert your tourist visa to a student visa, you must follow a specific procedure to study in Australia and file your application for a student visa outside the country. In some cases, you can do that without going out of Australia. Given are some streams that allow the easy process to do that and they include:

eVisitor Visa

It is an electronic visa that allows candidates from different countries to migrate to Australia for travel or business-related purposes when you hold this visa, you have a chance to stay in Australia for up to three months. You are not required to submit hard copies of the documents to apply for the visa.

Visitor Visa

A person with a visitor visa for Australia can come to Australia for tourism purposes and any business activities. It is similar to an electronic visa but with a little difference that allows you to be in Australia for 12 months. Applicants who can’t apply for an electronic visa can also go for the same.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa

A candidate with a visa can stay in the country for one year and a maximum period of three months with multiple visits. A candidate having a visa can travel to Australia for tourism or business-related visits. The visa option is there for various countries, but be sure of the rules for your country as not everyone can apply for the visa.

Important Points for Shifting from Tourist Visa to Student Visa in Australia

Changing a tourist visa to a student visa in Australia is a complex process and before going ahead with the same make sure you are ready with a to-do list and have a list of things to consider that includes:

  • Must be financially independent
  • Must not have ambiguous study gap
  • Must have no police case against you in your home country
  • Must not hold an 8503 that concludes you do not stay on the tourist visa anymore
  • Must not face student visa rejections earlier
  • Must have a clear statement of purpose mentioned

List Of Documents Required to Support Your Conversion to Student Visa from Tourist Visa

Given is the document list with which you must be ready to make the conversion easy:

  • Personal Details- Keep a copy of your passport, birth certificate, and identification card ready with you.
  • GTE Requirement- Submit the evidence supporting the genuine Temporary Entrant for your stay in the country
  • CoE Requirement- Submit the confirmation of enrolment or offer letter given by the institution
  • Health Insurance- Submit the health insurance certificates to support your medical expenses
  • Employment History- Submit the proofs of your employment like your resume or work reference letters
  • Financial stability- Show evidence of your financial stability that will ensure you will be able to pay your tuition fees, living expenses, and other funds.

Requirements to Become an Australian Citizenship

Before applying for Australian citizenship, a candidate should fulfil the mentioned requirements:

  • Complete the residency requirements
  • Apply for permanent residency for the predetermined period
  • Clear the citizenship test
  • Keep moral honesty


Shifting from a tourist visa to a student visa is a lengthy and complex process when applying onshore. You need to consider several aspects helpful to make your decision fruitful. Above mentioned points can help you with the easy-going process. If you still find it difficult to do or get professional work done, then Migration Doctors Australia are expert immigration lawyers. With their detailed knowledge and experience, they can manage the work done easily and effectively for you. We will prepare a custom plan and the personal assistance at every step of the process from selecting a course to applying.  For more information give us a call and we will handle everything on your behalf. 

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