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Which Occupations Will Continue To Be Part Of Employee-Sponsored Visa

Many skilled professionals have moved or are trying to move to Australia with the migration agency Gold Coast for the benefits it provides to people residing there. Individuals who wish to improve their living standards apply for jobs in Australia to make it happen. However, Australia is currently evaluating the jobs and skills for the occupations that should no longer be on the list of Core Skills Occupation. The changes are to be made for the new skills-in-demand visa, which will be a replacement for the Subclass 482 TSS Visa. 

This means that individuals who desire to move to Australia with the help of migration agents in Brisbane may want to take another look at the list of occupations to find any changes that they may need for your visa sponsorship.

Which Migrants Need Their Job To Be Listed On Core Skills Occupation List?

The skills and demand visa will have three pathways. The worker may require their jobs listed on the Core Skills Occupation List to get sponsorship to work under the new visa. However, if the job is not listed as a core skills occupation, the worker may be able to use the skills pathway by meeting certain salary and industry requirements to get sponsorship under a new visa. 

The Specialist Skills Pathway

  • Accessible to migrant workers with a salary over $135,000
  • Workers may not require skills in a job listed on the occupation list. 
  • It will not be accessible to trade workers, machinery operators, drivers, and labourers. 

The Core Skills Pathway

  • Skilled professionals require a salary between $70,000 and $135,000.
  • Workers’ occupations are required to be on the core skills occupation list.

The Skills In Demand Pathway

  • Workers will require a salary under $70,000.
  • The list may be limited to a particular sector; it is not clear how the occupation list will be applied or be relevant.

Occupation That May Not Be Eligible Anymore

Based on the insights, there are a few occupations on the ‘Confidant Off’ and ‘Targeted For Consultation’ Lists that may no longer be eligible, such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician.
  • Corporate Services Manager.
  • Several Farming Occupations.
  • Marketing And HR Roles.

These are some of the roles that the businesses require, which would have a negative impact on operations if sponsoring global talent isn’t made inaccessible. The occupations on the lists work as a migration strategy for skilled professionals and help them acquire permanent residency in Australia with the help of the migration agency Gold Coast.

The draft list may incur some changes over the next few months as Jobs and Skills Australia collects industry feedback. The government is expected to implement the new Skills in Demand Visa by the end of 2024, depending on the migration strategy. 

How Is The Core Occupation List Being Developed?

The draft of the occupation list is being developed based on the benchmark set up by ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification Of Occupations) 2022. It includes changed and new occupations up to November 20222 and the recent employment data sets. 

Jobs and Skills Australia’s Migration Labour Market Indicator Model also contributes to the list development, which takes into consideration the following:

  • Jobs and Skills Australia tool: Skills Priority List that puts occupations in regional and national shortage and puts rating on their future demand.
  • How well migrants work in the labour market after arriving. 
  • Vacancy data.
  • Domestic labour market supply.
  • Stakeholder feedback. 

With the help of Jobs and Skills Australia, the government is working on their migration strategy by defining the skills needed in Australia using advice and proof from tripartite mechanisms.However, various business requirements are being overlooked, and employers should provide feedback to the government through submission to let the government know of their needs. Migration agents in Brisbane can help skilled professionals find ways to apply for a visa or get sponsorship from employers depending upon the government’s migration strategy.

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